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Swim trunks Style

With summer in full swing, it should be fairly obvious that we are in swim season. And, while there aren’t as many details to concern oneself with as on a suit, a man’s swim trunks should still reflect some intentionality and style. The most common error made when purchasing a bathing suit is opting for […]
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Shoe Formality Scale

Before diving into shoe formality lets be sure we understand the levels of formality within suiting. Knowing how formal a suit is can generally be determined by how many extra details it has. On one end there is the classic dinner jacket/tuxedo, which has very clean lines (from the lack of pocket flaps, the general […]
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Shirt Construction

In order to make educated decisions when buying a new dress shirt, it helps to understand its parts and construction. This will help you decide what you like and help you pick out shirts that are well made. First, lets discuss the parts of a shirt, from top to bottom: Collar: The upper part of the […]
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Lapel Width

The trend pendulum is always swinging back and forth. Some trends stay around for a long time while others leave shortly after arriving. Arguably, no other trend is more noticeable in men’s jacket tailoring than the jacket lapel width. In trying to keep this simple, let’s divide our lapel widths into three categories: skinny, regular, […]
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Summer Suiting

While the transition from the cool of spring to the heat of summer is simpler with a casual wardrobe, a man’s suits and business-casual attire can fluctuate with the seasons as well. An all-season suit is the most versatile but there’s something much more comfortable and appropriate about having one or two dressed-up items that […]
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The Weekend Bag

So you’re headed out for the weekend, but not the week. It’s that little excursion out to the coast or the mountains or the city that is too short for you to pack up a suitcase, but long enough that you still need to pack something up. That is where the weekend bag comes in. […]
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