Careers At Beckett & Robb

Beckett & Robb is a rapidly growing menswear lifestyle brand.  Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah we are expanding across the United States and online.  As we expand we are continually looking for talented individuals to join our team in a variety of areas, including sales, marketing, operations, fashion design, online marketing, SEO, sourcing, product development, accounting, and customer service. Many of these opportunities will be located at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT while others will be located in other U.S. cities.


Purchasing Manager / Bookkeeper

Beckett & Robb is looking for a full time individual to help us manage our purchasing, inventory, and vendor relationships. Candidates must be detail oriented and fluent in Spanish.  Portugese or Italian, while not required, is a plus.  This role is functionally similar to a bookkeeping job, requiring good computer skills and a willingness to work at a computer throughout the day.  Strong Excel skills are necessary to succeed in this role.  If you are interested, contact us at

Database Administrator / Report Writer

Beckett & Robb is looking for a part time database admin to help us design and build a data infrastructure.  The database is MySQL.  As a part-time function, candidates don't necessarily need to be located in Utah.  If you are a brilliant DBA, contact us at



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