Some clothiers offer a collection of cloth. Ours is more like a library. With more than 5,000 suit, coat, and shirt options to choose from, there truly is something for everyone. Every conceivable color, pattern, texture, blend, composition and weave. In Summer weight, Winter weight, or all-season weights. We've got it all. Want to get your fingers on this cloth? Schedule an appointment for those near a shop or for if you can't visit us can commission a made-to-order garment online.

Our seasonal and house stock cloth selections start at $695 for a two-piece suit.
Ongoing collections are listed below, ranging from $1045 - 7,000+ are listed below.

***Actual cloth prices may vary overtime. Please contact your local shop for specific prices.***

Suit Cloth Mills

Vitale Barberis Canonico

From $1,045. Vitale Barbaris Canonico (VBC) is one of the oldest Italian woolen mills on record, having its first recorded transaction for the sale of its textiles dated 1663. The sale was made to the Duke of Savoy for “saia grisa” (grey wool)... (Read more here)

Loro Piana

From $1,445. Simply put, Loro Piana is top to bottom the finest maker of woolen suit fabric in the world. The company originated from the Loro Piana family of Trivero, in the early 1800’s and its modern form was established by ... (Read more here)


From $1,745. The southern Italian mill bucks many of the dark and somber traditions of the bigger mills in favor of robust and memorable fabrics. Whether it is their heavy weight flannels, bold and bright lightweight fabrics, or original worsted suiting... (Read more here)

HuddersfieldFrom $1,945. Huddersfield Cloth supplies some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses and prestigious tailors with the greatest cloth out of England. With their beautiful designs and rich British aesthetics, Huddersfield Cloth... (Read more here)

CerrutiFrom $2,145. The beginnings of Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti (Cerruti) go back to the middle of the 18th century when the family was first listed as manufacturers of clothes. For the next 110 years, through generations, the family honed its processes... (Read more here)

ZegnaFrom $3,145. Perhaps the biggest name in woolen fabrics and while they are not as old as many woolen fabric mills, what they lack in age they certainly make up in style, quality and innovation. To this day, Zegna retains its family ownership... (Read more here)

AngelicoFrom $1,145. Driven by entrepreneurial vision and favored by the momentum of the early fifties, Guiseppi Angelico established the Angelico fabric mill in the Ronco Biellese. The skill of the professionals involved, the culture and style of the area... (Read more here)

RedaFrom $1,500. 1865 marked the year in which Reda got its start in the wool industry. Passion and good business sense led Carlo Reda to build a mill in Valle Mosso in the famed province of Biella, Italy. After decades of hard work... (Read more here)

GuabelloFrom $1,245. One of the world’s largest and most traditional cloth mills, and still in its hometown of Mongrando, builds some of the finest cloths for men’s suiting in the world. This tradition of combining the artisan, trained and... (Read more here)

OrmezzanoFrom $1,650. Lanificio Fratelli Ormezzano (Ormezzano) was established in 1924 in Valle Mosso, Italy with one intention: to produce fine pure wool fabrics in new and original styles, differing from the solid dark colors predominate at the time... (Read more here)

TollegnoFrom $1,950. In 1870, Giuseppe Venanzio Sella started building a wool manufacturing mill in Tollegno on the bones of two medieval mills that he had previously owned on the right bank of the Cervo stream. This business moved allowed him to extend... (Read more here)


Shirt Cloth Mills

CancliniFrom $150. Canclini began in the fabric industry in 1925 working almost exclusively with silk, as was the trend at that time in Como. After several decades of learning the delicate intricacies of working with silk, the company saw its first... (Read more here)

RinghartFrom $275. Ringhart is one of the most well-respected British shirting mills. As a major supplier to many of the traditional Saville Row tailors, Ringhart has gained the reputation as a high-quality and reliable cloth producer. Known for their... (Read more here)

Thomas MasonFrom $450. Thomas Mason is perhaps the most well-known shirting mill on Earth. Their reputation is the culmination of centuries of dedicated craftmanship to fine shirting. Though originally founded in England, all Thomas Mason cloth is milled in Italy. 

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