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  • Detailed Q&A about your needs
  • Cloth selection
  • Design your suit or shirt
  • Measurements
  • Body Type and Coloring Profiles

The initial consultation usually takes about an hour, although 45 minutes to 3 hours is the range.  It all depends on how much detail you want to get into and how quickly you make decisions.  We're happy to move at your pace.  Although scheduling an appointment in advance isn't required, it is recommended.  We try to accomodate walk-in's but sometimes our showrooms can be quite busy.  A common question is "how many measurements do you take?"  The answer is somewhere between 25-60.  It depends on the situation.  We developed our own proprietary method of conducting a fitting that utilizes a combination of body measurements, finished measurements, and the use of fit samples.  Through experience we've found this is the best way to achieve a perfect fit.  It's a bit cumbersome, but the results speak for themselves.  Not only do we take into account all of the basic measurements (lengths, widths, circumferences, etc.) but we look deeply at what we call "body peculiarities."  This is one of the things that sets us apart from other makers.  We consider shoulder slope, chest shape and size, stomach shape, buttocks shape, arm length variation, leg length variation, the pitch of the arm (the way the arm is set into the shoulder), neck length, posture, and more.  All of these notes on the subtleties of the body result in a very accurate view of the clients body.  That's the art.  Now comes the science, where master tailors interpret these numbers and notes and build a pattern and suit as unique as the client's body.


  • Our standard production times are 6-8 weeks for shirts and suits.  This can vary a little from month to month as our production volume fluctates.  Your style consultant can provide current lead times when you place your order.
  • Once your order has arrived you will be contacted and a "Final Fitting" will be scheduled.
  • At your final fitting your order will be delivered to you.  We recommend our clients allow time to try on the clothing and allow us to make sure that we've accomplished our shared goals for a flattering fit and beautiful design.
  • We're quite good at what we do, and alterations are rare.  However final tweaks come with the territory and we will happily make any necessary adjustments.  See our 100% guarantee for more information.
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