What We Do

We build world-class clothing and accessories for men, and sell them at fair prices.  All of our products are designed and developed by us. We work directly with cloth mills and tailoring workshops, avoiding middle men and their mark-ups. By shortening the supply chain we are able to sell our products for what are essentially wholesale prices. This structure allows us to offer an incredible value to our clients. We focus on suits, sport coats, dress shirts, shoes, knitwear, topcoats, neckwear, and related accessories. Much of our work is focused around custom clothing, built one-at-a-time for our clients.

We believe nothing can replace the experience of a face-to-face consultation and custom design process.  We understand the desire to research our process before scheduling an appointment, so we've provided the following overview.  We strive to provide as much information and to be totally transparent in our manufacturing standards.  We also invite you to read more about us and understand our philosophy and our values. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms.  Click on any image below to learn more.

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